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We use Armour, Naturethroid, Cytomel, and Whatever it Takes to FULLY Treat Your Thyroid and Restore Your Metabolism

They thyroid gland is under an all out assault from our modern lifestyles.  Cases of low thyroid are on the rise and now affect upwards of 20% of people over age 60, and millions of others much earlier in life.

  • Stress in all of its forms threatens thyroid hormone production
  • Prescription Medications can impair the conversion of the prohormone T4 into the more active T3 hormone.
  • Poor Diets that lack foods which naturally contain Iodine, Zinc, and Selenium can leave the thyroid gland poorly supported.
  • Inaccurate and Outdated testing parameters (like using TSH alone for screening) that are missing thousands of cases of low thyroid.  Also, there is a general failure to look for thyroid autoantibodies… the most reliable clue to an under-performing thyroid.

Abnormal thyroid gland function can lead to a number of chronic, unrelenting symptoms like

Intolerance to Cold, especially Cold Hands and Cold Feet
Fatigue and Sluggishness
Unexplained Weight Gain
Loss of Eyebrow Hair
Brittle Nails

If you have any of these symptoms, even if you have been told your TSH is “normal”, you should get a more detailed thyroid evaluation.  Do not suffer in silence for decades.

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Why Choose New Image to Test and Manage Your Hypothyroidism?

Dr. Zengo has over 15 years’ experience doing detailed thyroid function evaluation and treatment.  We are not afraid to properly restore your thyroid function to optimal, not “normal” levels.

At your first visit, we will order our full thyroid function panel.  This includes a Free T4, Free T3, Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies, and sometimes a Reverse T3, in addition to the ever-present TSH.  Also at that time, we will discuss your history and symptoms in detail since most patients with low thyroid symptoms also have a bigger issue, Adrenal Fatigue, that also needs to be addressed.  This can be easily diagnosed or ruled out with a salivary hormone profile.  A patient who has both Hypothyroidism AND Adrenal Fatigue (roughly 2/3 of the hypothyroid patients we see) will not get fully better on thyroid hormone alone.  Anyone who tries to treat the thyroid without looking at the adrenal stress response as well is not considering all of the causes of your symptoms.

Moreover, we always include a discussion of nutritional, herbal, and vitamin treatments for borderline low thyroid conditions as well.  Dr. Zengo’s extensive prior experience treating hypothyroid in pregnancy has made him a regional consultant for management of hypothyroid in pregnancy.  For patients who currently have a thyroid nodule, thyroid cancer, or overactive thyroid, we can manage you in conjunction with your own endocrinologist.

All office visits and thyroid bloodwork are billable to most private insurance and Medicare.  We accept HSA cards as well and offer low cost cash visit rates and affordable online visits for patients without insurance or with high deductibles.