Neurotransmitter Testing and Treatment

Balance Neurotransmitters when Salivary Hormone Testing is Not Enough

Most new wellness patients at New Image feel fantastic after completing their Salivary Testing and correcting their stress-induced hormone imbalances.  Other patients also adjust diet and lose some weight to achieve success.

Some patients need a more deeper analysis.  Stress over time can than change our brain chemistry and even change our personality.  Extroverts become Introverts.  Positive people can become negative.  Free spirits can become slow, calculating, and even withdrawn.  Often uncovering and fixing hormone and neurotransmitter imbalances allows our true personality to emerge again.

While stress alters our ovarian, thyroid, testicular, and adrenal hormones, the ultimate perceived effect of these imbalances lies in the downstream alterations of neurotransmitter production.  Also, poor quality modern diets often do little to support these pathways as we age, resulting in symptoms that establishment medicine is quick to label as Adult ADD, Major Depression, or Anxiety Disorder.  This often results in a prescription for psychiatric medication that often does more harm than good.

Neurotransmitter TestingNeurotransmitters and Symptoms

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Why You Should Consider Neurotransmitter Testing at New Image

Patients whose main symptoms are lack of drive, irritability, moodiness, food & alcohol cravings, and depressive symptoms can also benefit from looking at their neurotransmitter production.  Patients ideal for this testing include:

  • Patients on SSRI, SNRI and other antidepressants who also have side effects and wish to taper off.
  • Patients on benzodiazepine anti-anxiety medication who wish to taper off.
  • People who have tried and failed these medications in the past but still have symptoms
  • People who are hormonally balanced but still have some lingering issues with drive, irritability, moods, and energy levels.
  • People who currently take neurotransmitter precursor supplements (5-HTP, GABA, Glutamine, L-Tyrosine) and want to adjust their supplement dosing.
  • People who are concerned that a medication they are taking might be interfering with neurotransmitter production.  This is a very common “behind-the-scenes” cause of “side effects” attributed to medication use.

A simple spot urine test can be done in the same kit as the saliva test which reveals production of the following stimulatory neurotransmitters:

  • Glutamate
  • Dopamine
  • Norepinephrine
  • Epinephrine

And the stabilizing or inhibitory neurotransmitters:

  • Serotonin
  • GABA

Results are reported in 2-3 weeks.  Typically balancing of hormones can also stabilize many of these neurotransmitters.  Also, dietary improvements can ensure that we have enough raw materials to produce these essential mediators.  When these interventions are not enough, targeted neurotransmitter precursors are prescribed along the the cofactors that support the production pathways.  Patients who start taking targeted neurotransmitter precursors often feel improved in 1-2 weeks and many then choose to taper off some of their medications that affect their neurotransmitter production.  Neurotransmitter testing is rarely covered by insurance, but only costs $209 for all 6 neurotransmitter levels.

Neurotransmitter Testing and Treatment
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Neurotransmitter Testing and Treatment
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We test your neurotransmitters, including Serotonin, Dopamine, Norepinephrine, Glutamate, and GABA to find causes for your sypmptoms and replace the missing ones without drugs.