GI Gut Biome Testing and Treatment

Did you know that 90% of the cells right now in your body do not come from your mother or father?  They are the bacterial house guests in your GI Tract.  You supply them a little food and water and they work together to protect your delicate GI Tract lining.  When they are overwhelmed because your diet is full of sugar, dairy and wheat, they cannot protect your lining and your brain hears all about it.  You have many times the nerve endings from your gut to your brain than from your skin to your brain.  For many of us, there is no greater stress input in our bodies than imbalances in our GI Tract.

There is nothing more important than making sure that your house guests are there, and they are happy.  We also need to make sure that bacteria that do not belong are eliminated as soon as possible.  New Image has two exciting ways to learn about your GI Tract and how to optimize it.

Doctor’s Data Stool and Parasite Culture

New Image carries stool cultures from the most respected lab in the USA, Doctor’s Data.  This test looks for the following data in your stool sample:

  • Good vs. Bad Bacteria in Culture
  • Yeast Culture
  • Digestion/Absorption Parameters
  • Inflammation/Immunity Markers
  • Intestinal Health Markers


Anyone can order these test kits and they are billable to insurance.  Please pick up your test kit at our office or order it from our online store.  We suggest you schedule a follow-up appointment 3 weeks after sending in your kit to discuss treatment strategies.

uBiome DNA Gut Biome Study

New Image has been selected as a study center for the uBiome program.  This unique testing uses DNA markers to look for the distribution of healthy bacteria vs pathogenic bacteria.

This testing uses only a tiny swab of stool instead of a full sample making it quick to collect and send.  This testing is now open for a limited number of patients.  Patients who enroll in the study will get 6 stool DNA tests performed.  Each must be mailed in every 2 weeks.

To enroll, please request to participate in the uBiome study at your next live visit with Dr. Zengo.  These test kits are not sold.  They are available to any qualifying patient who has private insurance (no Medicare or Kaiser).