Botox Cosmetic Treatment

Dr. Zengo has over 15 years of experience doing Cosmetic Botox(R) injections.  We offer safe and effective treatment for wrinkles in motion in many areas of the face…
Central Brow
Crow’s Feet
Brow Lift
Nasal Bridge Wrinkles
Upper Lip Wrinkles
Mouth Corners

 It is our philosophy that Botox (R) can be used gently to let your facial muscles still slide but not crinkle.  We want to help you stop the clock on wrinkles without looking frozen or plastic.

Our technique, honed and perfected over 15 years is the perfect way to reduce wrinkles and years of stress from your face.  We listen to your needs and never sell you more than you need.

We participate in the Brilliant Distinctions (R) rewards program so you can earn rebates with every treatment.  Only providers who purchase genuine Botox(R) can award and redeem points.  We have been a fully approved Botox(R) provider and Allergan customer since Botox Cosmetic(R) was first approved for use in 2002.

The New Image Difference — Botox Cosmetic (R) Treatments

We know you can get Botox (R) almost anywhere.  For the same price as most other clinics, you get all of these additional benefits…

Dr. Zengo has trained over 200 providers in Botox (R) while working for PracticalCME Medical Training.  His course has been approved for CME credit for physicians, nurses, and mid-level providers since 2012.  Dr. Zengo only follows protocols established over many years in the medical literature.  Dr. Zengo learned the procedure from Jean Carruthers, MD who was the first physician to publish a study on Botox Cosmetic (R) and to perfect the protocols.

New Image never charges an “office visit” fee.  New patient consults are FREE.  You only pay a per-unit charge for the Botox (R) that you use at your visit.  Our prices current range from $11-13 per unit depending on quantity.  On average, the injections last around 100 days.  This allows patients to separate their areas into multiple visits without having to pay too much at one time.

Your comfort is important to us.  Every patient gets extra strength Benzocaine/Lidocaine/Tetracaine anesthetic cream applied in advance of treatment to help the minimal needle sticks feel more like a ballpoint pen.

Botox Cosmetic (R) is a registered trademark of Allergan.

Botox Injections
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Botox Injections
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Gregory P. Zengo, MD,
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Botox Doctor with over 15 years' experience treating lines and wrinkles of the face