Bio-Identical Medicine (BHRT, NiLean HCG Diet, T3 Thyroid Management, Neurotransmitter Testing)

Saliva Testing and Bio-Identical Hormone TherapySaliva Testing and Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

With over 15,000 salivary tests interpreted, Dr. Zengo is a National authority on testing and management of Male and Female patients with Bio-Identical Hormones.  We focus on simple, accurate testing and treatment to ensure consistent physiologic levels to relieve nagging stress-induced symptoms such as fatigue, low drive, sleep disturbances, irritability, and cyclic symptoms.  We can diagnose and treat most stress-induced hormone imbalances like Adrenal Fatigue, Low T, and Estrogen Dominance, and relieve conditions without  drugs.  Take our symptom questionnaire and read more about how we can help you feel better today.

Neurotransmitter & GI Testing and Treatment

Neurotransmitter testing and treatmentGI Testing and leaky gut treatmentChronic stress and our modern diets have challenged our faithful gut bacterial protection and the metabolic pathways that make the neurotransmitters who keep us balanced.  Mood symptoms like anxiety and depressive symptoms depend on neurotransmitters.  Weight control and GI distress depend on our gut bacteria to keep us protected.  No BHRT regimen is fully complete without the assessment and correction of imbalances in these two critical areas.  Learn more about Neurotransmitter and GI Testing and find out if you are a candidate for this cutting edge testing and therapy.

In-House Compounding Lab

Compounding DispensaryOur in-house compounding lab has prepared over 1,000 prescriptions for Bio-Identical Hormone cream at a great savings for our patients.  The cost to our patients for combined hormone creams ranges from $20-$40 per month.  Read more about our lab and pricing for our active patients.

NILean HCG Diet

weight loss hcg diet athens georgiaSince 2008, the NILean HCG diet has helped shed thousands of pounds of fat.  With an average loss of 28 pounds after two diet months (average starting weight of 208 pounds), this diet helps you lose while teaching you how to eat real food, in proper portions and program out your food addictions.  The diet uses real pharmaceutical grade HCG under direct physician supervision.  Read more about our easy to follow, real food menu and the program as a whole.

T3 Thyroid Management

Hypothyroid Treatment with T3 ArmourOur stressful modern lives have led to an epidemic of underactive thyroids that conventional testing does not diagnose, or conventional therapies do not fully treat.  With so many Americans living with hypothyroid and not knowing it, New Image can diagnose and treat your thyroid with extended testing beyond TSH, and treatment using T3 (Cytomel), and combined thyroid preparations like Armour and Naturethroid.  Find our more about our treatment protocols and how we can help you manage your thyroid optimally.

Genetic Testing (23andMe, Nutrigenomix)

Genetic Testing at New Image Dr. Zengo

Affordable genetic testing is now available and New Image can help guide you through the results and adapt the lifestyle adjustments that your genes suggest.  Ever wonder how well you metabolize caffeine, what type of exercise suits your muscle type, if you are allergic to dairy or wheat, or if you need to supplement folate or Vitamin D more aggressively?  The answer is in your genes.  Learn more about how you can save on these tests at New Image and view some sample reports.